Medeli DP388 Dijital Piyano (Parlak Beyaz)

Fiyat : 1.280 USD    Stokta yok!    Yeni ürün!Medeli DP388 – Dijital Piyano (Parlak Beyaz)    

High sound quality, carefully crafted rosewood cabinet and a professionally designed hammer key action keybed, DP388 is a powerful piano for piano enthusiast.  It is fully equipped with assisting function such as “Perform” and “Album” that are designed to help you perform.  And finally, connect your portable music player device through aux in and you could play along to your favorite song in no time.

Performance Assistant
With Performance Assistant, playing the keyboard becomes more interesting.  There are two modes on this function, piano mode and guitar mode.  In the piano mode, the performance assistant helps you to perform many difficult skills by providing many beautiful phrases so that your performance would sound richer.   In the guitar mode, the keyboard will be divided into different parts to control different parameters, providing guitar phrases like strum, broken chord, echoism and endings.  Just like playing the real guitar.

Intelligent Learning System
The built in smart learning mode provides many different ways to help you learning a new song faster and better.  it’s function includes arranging your learning lessons,  arranging songs specifically for your practice, recording your learning progress so that the better you play the more reward you will get.

Song Album
310 popular songs with preset parameter, including style, type, tempo, and voice are right at your finger tips.  You can play anything from Fly me to the moon to Chopin’s Etude with authentic sound and full accompaniment.

Specifications :

  • Keyboard 88 hammer action
  • Display Backlit LCD
  • Polyphony 128 (max)
  • Voices 500 voices
  • Split YES
  • Duo (Twinova) YES
  • Styles 200 preset; 3 user
  • Style Creator PC software
  • O.T.S. YES
  • Sequencer 3 user songs
    (5 melody + 1 accomp.)
  • Music Library 60 preset songs; 120 albums;
    Music Tutorial System
  • Demo Song 2
  • Dimensions LWH 1380 x 514 x 906 mm
  • Weight 53 kgs

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