Medeli DD518DX Dijital Davul

Fiyat : 1.440 USD    Stokta var!Medeli DD518DX – Dijital Davul      

DD518DX is a state of the art performing drum sets.  To provide the perfect vibration on the drum pads, the snare, the toms and the bass drum all feature the mesh head, offering the touch that every drummer searches for.  The industrial hardware rack is upgraded to have a chrome finishing, giving an aura of sophistication and durability.  DD518DX module features a new sound library, with upgraded algorithm to provide more authentic sound and wide range of sound in different music genres.  With a massive storage of user kits, feel free to build your own kits based on your likings.  Songs and drum beats could be easily recorded on its 7 track quick recorder and it could be saved directly to a SD card.  Lastly USB port allows simple connectivity to computer for wide range of drum module softwares.  With 678 drums sounds and 18 Hi Hat combination, 40 presets kis and 59 user kits, 120 preset patterns and 100 user songs, DD518DX is a outstanding performing drum that could not be missed.

Specifications : 

  • Trigger Input 4 Tom (2-zone, mesh head);
    1 Snare (2-zone, mesh head);
    2 Crash (2-zone) with Choke;
    1 Ride (3-zone) with Choke;
    1 Hi-Hat (2-zone) with Choke;
    1 HH Control;
    1 Kick Trigger (mesh head)
  • Trigger Para Threshold; Trigger curve;
    Crosstalk; Retrigger cancel;
    Rim sensitivity; Splash sensitivity
  • Display Backlit LCD
  • Polyphony 64 (max)
  • Drum Kits 40 preset; 59 user
  • Voices 628 voices
  • Effect Reverb; 4 bands master EQ
  • Record Record; Quick record
  • Demos 2
  • Songs 120 preset; 100 user
  • Learning Part mute; Flashing indicator
  • Metronome Click voice; Volume;
  • Time signature; Interval select
  • Tempo 30 – 280
  • Dimensions LWH 1150 x 690 x 335 mm
  • Weight 35 kgs


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